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08.30.10 - From Milla's Twitter (@MillaJovovich): @chrissbrenner and i in tokyo! its a bit backlit, but u can c the city! we're going 4 teppanyaki tonite!

Behind the scenes video from the Gotham (US) September 2010 photoshoot:

Gotham (US) September 2010 interview and pictures:

Discussing Jovovich-Hawk:
"It was all fun when Barneys ordered four pairs of slacks and we could do it ourselves. But when people started ordering 400 pairs of slacks and we had to go out to the factory, it got to the point where we were both exhausted. So after we did our thing with Target, we agreed we should quit, and down the line maybe try to get a licensing deal."

Discussing expanding her family:
"It's been tough because this year piled up on me starting last fall, and I thought, Wow, I might not be able to have a baby this year. Right now we are shooting for next year because I don't want there to be too much of an age difference between the two of them. So it's gotta happen, and it's gotta happen soon."

Discussing her role in The Three Musketeers:
"I gave my two cents, even for my part. I told him that I really wanted this movie, but it's his movie, and I even suggested some other actresses who I thought would be good for the part. But it ended up that the studio was really happy with me, and I felt wonderfully blessed to be brought on. I have been inspired for the film's costumes by the paintings of [17th-century artist] Anthony van Dyck, and looking at those paintings you get a sense of just how heavy these women's dresses really were. It made me think of those old Chinese films where the women use their dresses as weapons, so I am coming up with some very cool ideas about how to use my costume as a weapon."

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Nichols Hills News (US) September 2010:

08.29.10 - TV ads for Resident Evil: Afterlife:

Resident Evil: Afterlife wallpapers (1024x768, 1280x1024, 1920x1080):

Fangoria (US) September 2010 from Kate:

08.28.10 - Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D press conference from Los Angeles held for the Spanish Press at Berlanga Cinemas on August 27, 2010 in Madrid, Spain:

08.27.10 - Three new Resident Evil: Afterlife clips!

Milla talks about having another child soon in the September 2010 issue of Gotham magazine:

"It's been tough because this year piled up on me starting last fall, and I thought, "Wow, I might not be able to have a baby this year". Right now we are shooting for next year because I don't want there to be too much of an age difference between the two of them. So it's gotta happen, and it's gotta happen soon. Once Ever starts school, I want to stay in one place and be there to take her to school and just have a normal life. When your kid is in school, it's hard to just pick her up and travel. So right now I am taking advantage of the time when she is mobile."

08.23.10 - Stone poster from JoBlo.com:

Film (Poland) July 2010, Donna Karan Cashmere Mist ad, Maxim (Russia) September 2010:

08.21.10 - Great "not a review" of Stone from Opposing Views. Also, the 46th Chicago International Film Festival will officially open with Stone on October 7, 2010 [ article]

The Three Musketeers photo call in Berlin, Germany, August 20, 2010:

From Milla's Twitter (@MillaJovovich) from the set of The Three Musketeers:

  • So here's another pic from lst night w Ray Stevenson and Freddie Fox! Such grt actors n fun ppl!

  • The unbelievably talented and hilarious James Corden n I at the cast dinner! We had so much fun singing badly!

  • Luke Evans and I at the cast dinner! Me, him and James Corden were singing up a storm ala "glee",but bad! Lol!

  • The gorgeous Gabriella Wilde at our cast dinner attempting 2 smoke a cigar! Lol! That didn't last thank god!

  • Me, the wonderful Matthew Macfadyen and my girl Juno Temple at the cast dinner! Such a fun group of ppl!

  • Christophe Waltz and I at dinner 4 "3M"! We had THE BEST rehearsal 2day! SO exciting!

  • And Logan playing the piano! He's SO talented!

  • Here's the SWEETEST GUY EVER, Orlando Bloom! And he's hving a baby in jan! How amazing!!!

  • Hey guys!Logan n I r hving an awesome cast dinner w every1!Here's some pics of me and the cast! N more 2 come!

Elle (Ukraine) September 2010, GQ (Germany) September 2010:

08.16.10 - From Milla's Twitter (@MillaJovovich) from the set of Bringing Up Bobby:

  • Hey!Finally 1 pic from set! Marcia Cross, me, Bill Pullman and Spencer List hving a grt lunch on our last day!

  • Me and my little "bobby" Spencer List, the bst little actor I've ever worked w!
  • Another pic of Spencer List and I in our new movie "bringing up bobby"!

  • Our amazing writer/director Famke Jansson w little spenci pants on the last day of our new film "bringing up bobby"! So sweet!

International trailer for Resident Evil: Afterlife:

Behind the scenes Resident Evil: Afterlife video from IGN:

Resident Evil: Afterlife posters:

Paul W.S Anderson discussing Resident Evil: Afterlife and 3-D filming with CraveOnline.com:

"Definitely it's nice coming full circle talking about wanting to make the movie and being excited about making it in 3-D and now actually having shot the movie. I literally just came from finishing the film last night. It really is the best Resident Evil yet. I'm very, very proud of it. I'm excited about it because I do think 3D is the future of cinema entertainment, and home entertainment as well. I just came form Japan and saw the new Bravia 3D TVs. They're unbelievable so I'm very excited about that, but it was funny because we finished shooting Resident Evil in December and still 3D wasn't anything special. It was like well, that's kind of interesting, 3D. Then Avatar came out. Suddenly January 1st back in Hollywood it was like, "3D! Raaaa!" Everything had to be 3D. We just continued making our movie. I think the interesting thing is really it's going to be the first proper live action 3D movie of the year. I don't think anyone's really seen a proper 3D live action movie since Avatar. I think Imax is a good example of that. Imax are very picky about the movies they put on their screens, especially the 3D ones. They very, very rarely go with R rated movies. I think Watchmen was the last R-rated Imax movie and that's really only because Imax have a huge relationship with Warner Bros. because of all the Harry Potter movies. For Imax to endorse this film by putting it onto 3D Imax screens is a huge thing. The only reason they're doing it is because they know how good it looks. We are actually the first to edit fully in 3D as well. So in the cutting room, we were wearing the glasses and on the set we were wearing glasses. I spent my life wearing these glasses. I wish someone would design something slightly more fashionable than my dad's '80s Ray Ban look but I'm sure that's going to come."

"I'm spoiled working with Ali and Milla because they're just not divas at all. They turn up for work, they're in a great mood, you beat the hell out of them, you send them home with bruises. They come back the following day. They go, "Yes, sir. What would you like me to do now?" They're lovely to work with. They're very committed and they're so not divas. The 3D cameras because were the ones that never wanted to work and always had problems. It was fun being on the cutting edge of technology because I really feel that this is something, it's the equivalent of sound coming in or it's the equivalent of color photography coming in. I think these changes in cinema only occur once every 40 or 50 years and it's exciting to be a filmmaker working on the cusp of one of these big changes. Certainly the easier and cheaper way would be to just shoot it 2D and dimensionalize it but that bandwagon is going to crash and burn pretty soon because once people start getting used to the new wave of 3D movies - Resident Evil, Pirates of the Caribbean - all the big ones are being shot real 3D, Scorsese's new movie."

Q: How were things different working with Milla this time, the fourth installment and with your personal relationship?
"Well, we've obviously made four of these movies together. We've been together for all the films. The change this time was we had a daughter. It was one of the pleasures of making the movie to be honest, was getting to have my family around me at work and then at home as well. Milla's a very serious actress and she takes her craft very seriously. She's very committed to the work she does. We don't really let our personal relationship affect the set at all. So it was a delight really. The thing about us is we love what we do. We both love filmmaking and we both love Resident Evil. So we take our work home with us and we talk about it when we're lying in bed. It's fantastic. It's great to be able to combine your work life and your personal life like that."


Paul W.S Anderson discussing Resident Evil: Afterlife and The Three Musketeers with Collider.com:

The first movie was like a chamber piece of horror, as the games evolved, they folded in bigger and bigger action. That's the direction the game franchise went in, and so have the movies. As the action gets bigger, obviously the munitions get bigger as well.

Your films have a lot of characters from the games, but you're taking them in different directions in your storylines. Has Capcom said anything to you about the changes you've made?
"I always run the stories by them. They read the scripts and give their comments. I would never want to kill a character that they really want to use in the next game. So, we're absolutely very respectful of the world of the video game. Although we're telling new stories and introducing new characters, I've always felt that that is what the video game does itself. One of the reasons why Resident Evil is a very successful video game franchise, much more so than a lot of others that have fallen by the wayside, is that they have constantly evolved. After the first one, and everyone loving those characters, they introduced a completely new set of characters. It's that kind of re-invention and re-imagining that has kept the video game franchise strong and alive, and that's what we do with the movies. It's in the world of Resident Evil and it has characters from the world, but each film has new characters and new storylines."

You've been in the future so long with the Resident Evil films. Was going back to the past what attracted you to The Three Musketeers?
"Partly, yes, but I'm also a big fan of the original book and I've loved all the movie adaptations. I think it's really one of the classic stories. It's an amazing story, which is why I think it deserves to be retold, and it is retold. Every generation has their Three Musketeers, and I'm very happy that we're going to be this generation's Three Musketeers. We're going to tell it in a slightly different way, but it's going to be the classic story. The idea of doing a period movie, some people say, "Isn't it odd that you're doing a period movie? That's a change of pace for you." And, I'm like, "Not really." When you're doing a science fiction movie, it's almost exactly the same. You have to design every set and you have to design every costume. There's really so much in common because they're all about creating a world that the audience can be immersed in. I certainly have the skill set to make a period movie, and I'm very excited to be doing that."

Where are you going to be shooting The Three Musketeers?
"I'm excited about some of these locations we have as well because we're shooting in Babelsberg in Berlin because we need to build some big sets and they have the biggest stages in Europe. But also, we're shooting on location in Bavaria, where they have these amazing palaces that have just never been put on film before. You go see these places and you're like, "I can't believe no one's been here with a film camera and shot this place." They're just unbelievable. So, for two months, we'll be trekking around these places you've never heard of, shooting these palaces you've never seen before, but they're really going to give the movie an epic look."


08.09.10 - Milla discussed working with husband Paul W.S Anderson on Resident Evil: Afterlife with Total Film:

"Paul is so into it. He loves what he's doing. You'll do something and you'll hear from the monitors, 'Yeah!'. When we're on the film, that's all we talk about, how to make it better. We have a very creative relationship. It's a lot of fun because what's a relationship if all you're doing is cooking and going to the movies every Friday night? We're having something that is symbiotic - it's like a continuous card game between us."

About returning to the franchise for more films: "As long as people still want to see them, I think I still have a couple of years in me. And as long as I still look good. It's exhausting on a physical level, generally but it's just really nice to have this kind of film to fall back on. I do a lot of films that are very dark and intense emotionally. If I did things like that all the time I would kill myself."

Video of Resident Evil: Afterlife panel from Comic-Con International: San Diego 2010:

08.03.10 - First TV spot for Resident Evil: Afterlife:

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