The Three Musketeers (2011)

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  • Release date: October 21, 2011

  • Released on DVD March 13, 2012! [ Amazon: DVD / Blu-ray / Blu-ray 3D ]

  • Presented in 3-D

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  • The Three Musketeers will open the 24th Tokyo International Film Festival on October 22: "Paul W.S. Anderson, along with Milla Jovovich (Milady) and Logan Leman (D'Artagnan) are all slated to attend the fest" [ article ]

  • Plot summary: The story of The Three Musketeers centers on D'Artagnan, a young man who leaves home to become a member of the fighting force of the French king's royal household. Along the way, he makes friends with three of the force's best (and most disgraced) members: Athos, Porthos and Aramis, whose creed of friendship is "All for one and one for all!" The story was published in 1844 and written by Alexandre Dumas [ Amazon ].

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  • From Milla's Twitter (@MillaJovovich):

    • Hey! On our way 2 Tokyo, cause "3 Musketeers" is opening the film festival there! (Oct 21)
    • Also, "3 musketeers" opens in the US 2night! Do you think ppl know abt the movie? Ask your friends! Do they know it's a fun family film?
    • Anyway, 2morrow we leave 2 Tokyo 4 36 hrs 2 open the Japanese film festival w "3 musketeers"! But we'll b back 2 work by mon! Wuz up Tokyo!! (Oct 20)

    • i wanted to show you the end title track to "3 musketeers" by "take that"! enjoy! Aug 13, 2011

    • well, i promised 2 send u pics from the wrap party and here they r! tomorrow back @ LA and some time off! u guys rule! tweet u a lot later! Nov 14
    • wuz up giiiiiirl?!!!! already givin it to the camera!
    • wrap party 4 "3 musketeers" w paul and i!
    • dancing w my hubby at the wrap party 4 "3 musketeers"!
    • silly face w my hubby at "3 musketeers" wrap party!
    • "3 musketeers" wrap party after 2 many drinks!!!
    • dancing at the "3 musketeers" wrap party w my hubby!

    • our 1st AD Jamie Christopher, of all the "harry potter" movies and i at the "3 musketeers" wrap party!

    • Going 2 the wrap party 4 "3 musketeers" 2nite! Then packing time tomorrow! Nov 13
    • Well, that's an official wrap on "3 musketeers"! Its 2am, we've worked 4 almost 24 hrs. and 2 celebrate, I need Micky D's! Good night! Nov 12
    • Well thanks 4 all the grt replies! Gotta go kick some musketeer a** n finish my big stunt sequence! Tweet u later! Nov 12
    • nxt film, who knows? I wanna focus on my personal life n b very choosy w my nxt movie. But cleaning my garage n reorganizing my home is my next project! Also, I'm gonna try my hand at dollmaking! Nov 12
    • yep! Taking the rest of the year off apart from a few modeling jobs, but NO traveling! Nov 12
    • lol! Every generation needs its own version of "3M"! And this one is NOT a copy 1 bit, its sets a new standard. Nov 12
    • 4get any other musketeer movies! This one will set the new bar 4 all 3D movies! It looks spectacular! Nov 12
    • Hey every1! Last day of filming on "3 musketeers"!!! So excited 2 finally go home and take a some time off! Nov 12

    • Milady's hat and cane in the carriage. I am abt 2 be hoisted 50 ft in the air in my carriage, will post pic! Oct 18
    • Woohoo!!! Another day at work! Lololol! How is that 4 cool! I'm FLYING!!! Oct 18
    • 2 give sum perspective, here is what the view is on the ground. On the left is my amazing make up artist christina smith and on the right is genius photographer(and my daughters godmother) donata wenders! Oct 18

    • A pic of our lovely hair n makeup trailer! Its a bit quiet this time of morning! Oct 12
    • Walking by a costume store in berlin n I almost pulled my guns out cause I thought they were undead! Lol! WTF? Oct 12
    • My beautiful breakfast! What the heck is it?! And my hairdresser, lou shepperd in the pic! Oct 12
    • Oh the glamour!I've been fished out of the sea 4 a scene 2day n had 2 take a break from sopping skirts!Ah tea! Oct 12
    • Lol! My poor soaked dress. It looks like its dying! Well gotta put it on again and finish this scene! Aargh! Oct 12
    • Lol! So this is what is being done 2 me now! Wig being put on, not so pretty, but hell this IS the process! Oct 15

    • Its so dark this early in the morning u feel like u shld speak in whispers.After hair n makeup we take a ferry across the lake 2 the castle. Sept 30
    • here is the castle! Divine. Did sum climbing the castle walls in corsets! N another grt scene w cristoph waltz Sept 30

    • Hey ever1!This is the location we r filming at 2day s "3M"! Its the town square in Bamberg n its jst stunning! Sept 24
    • Another angle of the Bamberg town square where w r shooting "3 musketeers". I am so blessed 2 c such beauty! Sept 24
    • The green n blue screens will b removed 4 visual effects in post production. Sept 24
    • A secret doorway that is locked. I wonder where it goes? The city of Bamberg is a gem. Def a destination 2 c! Sept 24

    • Hey every1! What a fun day on "3M"! Orlando, Mathew, Ray, Luke n I doing our 1st scene together! We did a version of "let's get physical"! Sept 23
    • So this is the castle we r filming in 2day! Pretty nice digs eh?! Not 2 shabby! Its spectacular here! Sept 23
    • And the backyard is bearable right?! Lol! Can u imagine living in a place like this?! Lucky bastards! Sept 23
    • N if this isn't enough beauty, a herd of deer keep running n jumping behind that pool of water! Sept 23

    • Well here I am skirts, floppy hat n all! Lol! Sept 22

    • Hopefully I will b able 2 fit through the door w out maiming myself or any1 who's unfortunate enough 2 b in a 10 ft radius of my skirts!Lol! Sept 22
    • 2day,I will attempt 2 gracefully ascend in2 a coach w a hat that's abt 2 ft tall n enough skirts 2 upholster every chair in a small theater. Sept 22
    • Hey every1! I've had sum grt time off the last few days n now I'm back on set corseted within an inch of my life! Lol! Its never boring! Sept 22

    • Cast dinner (August 20, 2010):

      • So here's another pic from lst night w Ray Stevenson and Freddie Fox! Such grt actors n fun ppl!

      • The unbelievably talented and hilarious James Corden n I at the cast dinner! We had so much fun singing badly!

      • Luke Evans and I at the cast dinner! Me, him and James Corden were singing up a storm ala "glee",but bad! Lol!

      • The gorgeous Gabriella Wilde at our cast dinner attempting 2 smoke a cigar! Lol! That didn't last thank god!

      • Me, the wonderful Matthew Macfadyen and my girl Juno Temple at the cast dinner! Such a fun group of ppl!

      • Christophe Waltz and I at dinner 4 "3M"! We had THE BEST rehearsal 2day! SO exciting!

      • And Logan playing the piano! He's SO talented!

      • Here's the SWEETEST GUY EVER, Orlando Bloom! And he's hving a baby in jan! How amazing!!!

      • Hey guys!Logan n I r hving an awesome cast dinner w every1!Here's some pics of me and the cast! N more 2 come!

    • From the costume fitting for The Three Musketeers (July 5, 2010):

      • Good morning! Going 2 my 1st 3M (3musketeers) fitting! Will b fun trying on all those big 17th century gowns!
      • A 17th century bond girl!How amazing is this 1st test 4 the costume 4 3M! Its jst canvas w bits of fabric pinned 2 it!
      • Lol! How cool! This fitting is unbelievable and to b able 2 do crazy fight sequences in these dresses?! SICK!!!
      • Quite a collar on that chick! Lol! Its like a kick ass "midsummer nights dream"!
      • Here's the canvas sample 4 the dress! Incredible right?! That's w out any fabric, ruffles or hairpieces. So fun! And full length...

  • The Three Musketeers photo call in Berlin, Germany, August 20, 2010:


  • Interview from The Telegraph (Australia) October 9, 2011

  • Interview with director Paul W.S. Anderson from

  • Hollywood Life:

    "The costume is a big deal for the girls on this picture and I have to do some action sequences with it too. We've [the women on set] been trying to figure out the best way to fit in our dresses. I sent the assistants out to Ikea to get big, overstuffed arm chairs so we could prop ourselves up and get little coffee tables so we can put our stuff on there."

    "At one point I remember they put all this body makeup on my hands to make me pale and they looked beautiful, but once I got the costume on I came in and she the makeup artist was like, 'What happened to your hands?' and I was like 'What do you mean?' and I looked down and my hands were blue and looked bruised! We were trying to find all these different color combinations to put on my hands cause all of a sudden my hands were blue and bloated and then we realized the arms of the costume were so tight it cut off my circulation so we had to cut the costume open to get the blood flowing and they finally went back to normal."

  • Paul W.S Anderson discussing The Three Musketeers with

    You've been in the future so long with the Resident Evil films. Was going back to the past what attracted you to The Three Musketeers?
    "Partly, yes, but I'm also a big fan of the original book and I've loved all the movie adaptations. I think it's really one of the classic stories. It's an amazing story, which is why I think it deserves to be retold, and it is retold. Every generation has their Three Musketeers, and I'm very happy that we're going to be this generation's Three Musketeers. We're going to tell it in a slightly different way, but it's going to be the classic story. The idea of doing a period movie, some people say, "Isn't it odd that you're doing a period movie? That's a change of pace for you." And, I'm like, "Not really." When you're doing a science fiction movie, it's almost exactly the same. You have to design every set and you have to design every costume. There's really so much in common because they're all about creating a world that the audience can be immersed in. I certainly have the skill set to make a period movie, and I'm very excited to be doing that."

    Where are you going to be shooting The Three Musketeers?
    "I'm excited about some of these locations we have as well because we're shooting in Babelsberg in Berlin because we need to build some big sets and they have the biggest stages in Europe. But also, we're shooting on location in Bavaria, where they have these amazing palaces that have just never been put on film before. You go see these places and you're like, "I can't believe no one's been here with a film camera and shot this place." They're just unbelievable. So, for two months, we'll be trekking around these places you've never heard of, shooting these palaces you've never seen before, but they're really going to give the movie an epic look."


[ For complete credits, check out the Internet Movie Database listing for The Three Musketeers ]

Release date: October 21, 2011

Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson
Produced by Paul W.S. Anderson
Written by Alexandre Dumas
Script by Paul W.S. Anderson and Andrew Davies

Cast (partial)
Milla Jovovich .... Milady de Winter
Logan Logerman .... D'Artagnan
Ray Stevenson .... Porthos
Luke Evans .... Athos
Matthew Macfadyen .... Aramis
Orlando Bloom .... Duke of Buckingham
Christoph Waltz .... Cardinal Richelieu
Mads Mikkelsen .... Rochefort

Plot summary: The story of The Three Musketeers centers on D'Artagnan, a young man who leaves home to become a member of the fighting force of the French king's royal household. Along the way, he makes friends with three of the force's best (and most disgraced) members: Athos, Porthos and Aramis, whose creed of friendship is "All for one and one for all!" The story was published in 1844 and written by Alexandre Dumas [ Amazon ].

Novel by Alexandre Dumas [ Amazon ]

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