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09.28.11 - More tweets from Milla (@MillaJovovich) from the set of Resident Evil: Retribution:

  • Hey guys! Here's a little vid of the 1st official RE cast read through! It's so cool to hear every1 saying their lines! Video (Sep 28)
  • So here's part 2 of the vid! Video
  • How cool is this?! We're shooting guns 2day! Check this vid! Video
  • Here's the fun part! Vid 2! Video

09.27.11 - Tweets from Milla (@MillaJovovich) from the set of Resident Evil: Retribution:

  • Hey every1! Happy Friday! And 2 celebrate the weekend, I hve 2 new vids of us at stunt rehearsal! 1 is me failing miserably n the other is quite nice! (Sep 23)
  • Here's the one of me looking like a dum dum, but it was the 1st try! Lol! Video
  • And here's the last one we did which looks much nicer! Have an amazing weekend from "camp evil"! Xo m Video

  • Gmornin every1! Here's the 1st official footage of @mrodofficial at stunt rehearsal! She's getting fitted 4 her stunt harness! Exciting! (Sep 26) Video
  • And here's my boys Boris n hubby Paul hangin in wardrobe! Video

Interview from The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) September 25, 2011 [ Full article ]:

Jovovich has enjoyed success as a high-profile model, musician, fashion designer, businesswoman and, of course, actor, recognised chiefly for the sci-fi and kick-arse action roles that have defined her movie career so far. "My whole life, since I was a kid, I've been saying I don't want to be pigeon-holed," she says, smiling. "Now I'm 35 and I think the opposite - it's okay. People love me doing action movies, and that's awesome. I am very serious about my career and I still get to do my independent films and record my music on the side. It's all good. I'm very happy."

Discussing her character in The Three Musketeers: "For me, one of the most interesting elements about Milady de Winter is that she's this unbelievably modern 17th-century woman," says Jovovich, who was attracted to the role because of de Winter's relevance to 21st-century women. "Imagine how hard it is for a woman to get a leg up today in the corporate world, or any field. De Winter is a woman navigating a man's world when normally women were dependent on their father, son or husband. You couldn't even have your own finances. She travels unattended to different countries, she is a spy and she is the best at what she does. She doesn't want to marry and have kids and move to the country."

Discussing husband Paul W.S. Anderson: "Paul and I are great," says Jovovich, her eyes lighting up when she talks about her husband. "I'm very strong - a firecracker - and he is very calm, chilled and even-keeled. He has taught me so much about ironing out my personality, thinking before I speak. He has been a huge inspiration, helping me to grow up and take more time with myself and how I react to things.

Discussing daughter Ever: "And Ever has given me an independence I've never had before," she says of her little girl. "I was always a slave to my insecurities, but when you stay up all night with a sick child, all you want is to take the pain yourself and make them be okay. When you have been crying all night because your baby is crying, there's nothing worse. Now, if I don't get that part or I have to get on stage, it's cool; I'm not nervous, my attitude is, let's go. My child's okay, that's all that matters."

[ Full article ]

09.22.11 - Jacob & Co ads:

Moves (US) Fall 2011:

Io Donna (Italy) September 2011:

09.19.11 - Win a trip to the London premiere of The Three Musketeers from WPIX! Deadline to enter is 1159pm EST, September 25, 2011. Click here to enter. [ Eligibility: open to legal US residents who, at the time of entry, are 18 years of age or older and reside in the states of CT, NJ, or NY ]

Also a Sony Pictures contest to win an undead role on Resident Evil: Retribution! "Think you've got what it takes to be part of Screen Gems' new Resident Evil movie? If you're a fan of the previous films based on Capcom's videogame Resident Evil, and can play an age between 18 and 34, you just might be considered for a walk-on part in the upcoming movie through Sony Pictures Entertainment's Face of the Fan program". Enter at FaceoftheFan.com.

Milla recently Tweeted (@MillaJovovich) several videos and news about Resident Evil: Retribution:

  • Hey every1! 2day was my 1st official day in fight rehearsals! I'm gonna try and film some bits tomorrow 4 u all! (Sep 12)
  • The choreography is stunning though. I'm so excited by how everything looks. The moves are fresh n new, I think ppl r gonna b flippin when they c it!

  • Hey guys! Here's a little training vid! I can't show any real choreagraphy, but u get a little feel! Njoy! Video (Sep 13)
  • Hey every1! End of the day n I'm knackered!I'm building my strength up n doing a lot of stretching 2 get my kicks up 2 shape.Still pathetic.

  • New vid! I need 2 turn my hip out more on the roundhouse kicks, but my punches r solid! Will get better! Video (Sep 14)
  • Like mother, like daughter! Ever Gabo shows us that zombie killing really is a family affair! Watch this vid! Video

  • So I'm learning a back hook kick 2day. Its part of the choreography n looks amazing(when its done right! Lol!) Video (Sep 15)

  • its gonna be SIIIIICK!! paul leaves the production meeting reeling from the logistical complications off how 2 shoot them!!
  • actually, i won't be there in person, but if you see a big crane in red square, thats our unit filming!!!
  • claire, chris and kmart have been abducted by the umbrella corporation. we have to try and save them!
  • yes! shawn roberts is back as wesker and more badass then ever! of course its not so easy to kill him!
  • yes! sienna is back as jill valentine!
  • yes! epic battle sequence w alice and jill! its siiiiiick!!!
  • i can't talk too much about the creatures in the film, but don't worry, you won't be disappointed!
  • we are still casting ada wong, but she IS in the new movie!
  • RE will be in 3D! my husband is obsessed w the new technology and we take the extra time 2 make sure no one has a headache after!
  • 2 answer sum popular questions:chris,claire n kmart have been captured by umbrella n benson ankles is working on a tv show n is unavailable.
  • i've got an amazing fight w a bunch of zombies AND an epic fight w jill valentine!
  • nope! some will, but we have new characters coming on this one. hopefully we'll get every1 together 4 RE6!! lol!
  • we wld love 2 make a 6th where every1 is back together! but the fans will decide after they see this one!
  • paul always listens 2 the fans i.e. ada wong, leon and barry burton will b in the new RE!
  • we'll b the 1st movie 2 hve a chase scene in a rolls royce which we will get shot up, but still runs cause they're awesome!
  • alright guys! gotta go! 1 let mini spoiler tho! we will hve the Las Plagas parasite!!! have an awesome day!

Milla at Sony Pictures Classics 20th Anniversary Party at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival, September 11, 2011:

09.09.11 - Interview with The Three Musketeers director Paul W.S. Anderson from MTV.com:

MTV News: What made you want to retell this story, and how is your version different?
Paul W.S. Anderson: I'm a huge fan of The Three Musketeers, the book I read at school. I grew up watching the Richard Lester adaptation of the novel, and I love the core story of the book, and that's pretty much what we've stayed true to: the basic story of D'Artagnan leaving Gascony, coming to Paris to seek his fortune and wanting to be a Musketeer and meeting the Musketeers. All that has stayed entirely true to the book in terms of character and narrative. The only thing we've goosed up is the action part of the movie to up the ante, considering we're making a 21st-century The Three Musketeers.

MTV: We've seen your lovely wife, Milla Jovovich, in a lot of your movies. What new sides of Milla will we see in this film?
Anderson: It was one of my attractions for making the movie. I'd always wanted to see Milla in a period film. I always felt that she would look awesome in the dresses, and she's got a kind of period face as well. I always knew that she would fit well into the 17th century. One of the big attractions to making and seeing the movie is seeing these opulent costumes and also the fact that it features M'lady De Winter, who's one of the original really bad girls in literature and bad girls in movies. Milla does quite a lot of action, but in real 17th-century dress, in the corsets and skirts flying. It's pretty exciting and unique. I've never seen anything done like that before.

MTV: We've seen that she can handle big action scenes.
Anderson: She can, but I have to say: Having to do a swordfight in a corset and a huge heavy skirt was incredibly demanding. She had to train wearing the corset while she was doing the stunt training for the film, because it altered your body weight completely. Also, the corsets are designed to look attractive rather than allow you to do action scenes. They're quite restrictive on your breathing, so some things she had to train very, very hard for, but she was insistent that she wanted to do a big action scene wearing the period costume. She was already a good martial artist, but she became an excellent swordswoman. She trained very hard to do the sword fighting. In the movie, in the trailer, even when the swords hit, there are all these sparks that come off them, and I'm sure people are going to think that was computer-generated, but the fact is those were real metal blades. ... The actors got their bruises and rapped knuckles and black eyes and bloody fingers, so I hope everyone appreciates the sword fighting, knowing that it's them doing it.

[ Full interview at MTV.com ]

09.08.11 - The Three Musketeers behind the scenes:

09.06.11 - Jalouse (France) September 2011:

Moves (US) Fall 2011:

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