February 2012

From Milla's Twitter (@MillaJovovich):

  • i wld love to thank the academy 4 letting me honor such incredible minds last night! and congratulations again to all the amazing winners! (Feb 12)
  • thanks @chrissbrenner for this BTS pic at the sic/tech awards last night! u the man!

  • hey every1! well, last night was exciting to say the least! it was so wonderful to see the faces behind the incredible innovators that take the technology of movie making to greater and greater heights! the time, energy, imagination, and perseverence these wonderful men are putting into our industry is overwhelmingly inspiring, especially as the RE franchise is a prime example of how lucky we are to have such wonderful minds sorting through vector fields, voxels, phantom cameras and reciprocity law failure! (lol! you can only imagine the speeches i was giving! i can't believe my tongue didn't get tied in knots halfway through the ceremony!) Paul filmed my most difficult bit, so i will try and tweet them so you can all have a laugh! Ever is calling me to come play, but i will tweet you all later! have an amazing day! xo m

  • hey every1! it's been an incredible and busy weekend! the oscars were amazing! what an honor AND a blast! i'm gonna post sum fun pics in a sec, one w kate beckinsale and i at the vanity fair party! she's just the raddest chick, we had so much to relate to together, between being moms and doing action films, she is just my type of girl! also, one of the highlights of my evening was going to madonna's after party w @chrissbrenner where i got the chance to have some quality hang out time with one of my favorite people in the world, jason segal! i adore him and we just share the same sense of humor, so it was so nice to finally see him rather than constantly texting each other! lol! so i'm gonna post some pics now! xo m (Feb 28)
  • here's a pic of kate and i at the vanity fair party! she's such a doll and an incredible mom to boot!

  • here's a pic of my gorgeous husband and i at the vanity fair party!

  • courtesy of @chrissbrenner, here r sum BTS pics of me getting ready 4 the oscars!

  • after i changed in2 sum thing more comfy 2 dance my butt off at madonna's after party w @chrissbrenner!

  • ok guys! baby calling and its mama time to read stories and put her to bed! i will tweet you later! xo m
  • i'm gonna try and shoot a lil vid and post a new song around may! i'll put it twitter 1st!

  • U think we got it?!RT @hairbyadir: @MillaJovovich just turned it out for our shoot today #justsaying (Feb 29)
  • @hairbyadir can u get sum balance 2 my asymmetrical hair please?! #justsaying

  • Here's a vid from my new shoot for Marie Claire mag w my man @hairbyadir! [ Video ]
  • Would u trust this man 2 do your hair? [ Video ]

  • hey every1! i'm sick today, stuffed up nose, sore throat, fever, the full monty!lol! (Mar 1)
  • but if u wanna laugh, paul jst found a link 2 the FULL SCI/TECH awards i presented a few weeks ago (glasses and all! lol!) n its hilarious 2 c me trying to get thru all the technical jargon! its super long, so i'm sure the first 2 minutes will give you an idea of how the evening went! lol! here's the link: http://www.oscars.org/awards/scitech/2011awards.html

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Scientific and Technical Awards, Beverly Hills, CA, February 11, 2012 ... [ Video ]

Launch party for Marni at H&M, Hollywood, CA, February 17, 2012

Academy Awards (dress by Elie Saab, jewelry by Jacob and Co, purse by Edie Parker), Beverly Hills, CA, February 26, 2012