Caligula (fake trailer) (2005)

About the film . . .

  • In March 2005, Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli filmed a faux trailer for a non-existent remake of Caligula. Milla plays Caligula's sister, Druscilla.

  • The film debuted June 10, 2005 at the Venice Biennale 2005

  • From Vogue UK website:

    Donatella Versace designed costumes for Courtney Love, Milla Jovovich, Benicio Del Toro and Helen Mirren for the trailer of a remake of Gore Vidal's 1979 masterpiece, Caligula. The trailer, presented on Friday at the Pavillon at the Venice Biennale, is the result of a collaboration between Versace and artist Francesco Vezzoli who has attempted to create a hypothetical remake of what is one of the most controversial films of the last 30 years. As explosive as the original director Tinto Brass' version, the new film will star Milla Jovovich as Drusilla, the sister with whom Caligula has a passionate affair, Del Toro as Macro and Mirren as Tiberia. It will also feature cameo appearances from Vidal himself and Adriana Asti, who starred in the original film. And Donatella was the perfect choice to dress them. "The challenge," she said, "was to make the ancient Roman togas modern, rendering them more proportioned, sophisticated and sensual while still in tune with the times. I choose simple opaque jersey for the costumes and inserted the classic Versace symbols such as the medusa and the gold metal chain to give them that contemporary edge."


Directed by Francesco Vezzoli

Courtney Love ... Caligula
Milla Jovovich .... Druscilla
Karen Black ... Agrippina
Benicio Del Toro ... Macro
Michelle Phillips ... Messalina
Glenn Shadix ... Claudius
Helen Mirren ... Tiberia
Gore Vidal ... himself

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"The Gore Vidal Trilogy" exhibition opening reception dinner, Los Angeles, CA, April 16, 2006

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