Domvoy (Russia) October 2003

Milla, Youíre No Angel

During the Autumn/Winter 2003/2004 fashion shows all Armaniís models wore black and white, and only Milla Jovovich wore red, the same red in which she was filmed for the Night campaign, Armaniís new fragrance. A dress with thin straps, a pleated skirt, then-a tiny waist, then-Millaís endless legs. So she stood on the podium-in red, with the background of the black curtain, illuminated with a circle of white light. Then Armani took her hand, led her into the centre, and Edith Piafís signing was heard: ďJohnny, Johnny, tu níes pas un ange...Ē And Milla walked across the podium with a gait, not walked by angels and models, but walked by beautiful earthly women who arouse love.

By Jana Zubtsova

When you were 13 years old, which woman seemed to you worthy of admiration and imitation?
My mother. I was sincerely admiring her then-and continue to admire her to this day.

Which beauty lesson has your mother taught you?
A lot! First of all, she didnít permit me to wear make-up, and that was very wise on her part: at the age of 11 I wanted to draw enormous lashes on my face, as well as gigantic lips, to smother my cheeks with blush, my eyelids-with shadow (preferably bright pink or bright blue) and to go to school looking that way. Mum resisted this outrage as much as she could and only blessed my usage of make-up, when I was about 16 or 17 years old and could already grasp some things. By the way, mum always asserted, that on the face, only one portion needs to be vivid-either the eyes, or lips, and herself, she particularly outlined the eyes. I started doing the very same. Plus in addition to this mum recommended that I wear a fringe. Moreover, she sometimes cuts it for me herself!

What causes you more problems-your face of your body?
Honestly speaking, nor one nor the other. Possibly, because Iím only 27 now. And possibly, because, I simply donít have the time to fuss with my own face. In terms of the body though, for my new film (the Resident Evil sequel), in which my heroine needs to know how to fight well, I am now constantly training and learning all kinds of battle arts. And, I think, Iíve never before been so strong and shapely as now.

The minimal routine for the maintenance of your face?
Itís not very extensive. In the morning, of course, I wash my face and apply a moisturiser. A good moisturiser-that is really very important. In the duration of the day I, without fail, splash my face with temperate water-you know, such spray cans with water are sold in the pharmacies? In the evening-without fail-I cleanse my face with a milky cleanser. I drink a lot of water...And, thatís probably all. Before I used to use more different procedures and make-up products, but once a make-up artist, with whom I was working, gave me some good advice. Having seen my make-up bag, completely packed, he said: ďYou are still very young. You donít need any of this. Just wash your face with clean water and thatís all!Ē That was about ten years ago. Since that time Iíve become older of course, and think that the truth, as always, lies somewhere in the middle: few products need to be used for skin maintenance, but they do need to be used. And of course, thy need to be high-quality products.

Your maximum routine? In which cases is it necessary?
There are official ďnecessitiesĒ, for example, the Cannes film festival or the Oscars, and then my face is taken care of by the professionals. And there are ďpersonalĒ occasions, when I just want to look good, and then I do everything myself, but try not to go ďoverĒ. Same as mum, I outline the eyes: I enlarge my lashes with Le Grand Curl from LíOreal mascara and apply eye-shadow. And I very carefully approach the choice of perfume: every fragrance carries a message within it, and itís important that this message suit you-and the moment. Thatís why, apropos, I really like Armaniís latest fragrance-Night: it truly tempts. One cannot resist giving into this. And one cannot argue with this.

Which brand of cosmetics are you using at the moment?
LíOreal, of course. Iím telling you, mascara and eye shadow by LíOreal always help me out, when I need to look 100 per cent.

What is your opinion about plastic surgery? Do you suppose to one day appeal to its help?
Hm...Unlikely. I know that for many people it truly helped to resolve some problems. And thatís wonderful. But Iíve seen other people, who went ďunder the knifeĒ when there was no such necessity...What can I say about this? Probably, you need to be very courageous, in order to believe, that a surgeon may be more competent than God. I have no such faith.

Are there any foods that youíve forbidden yourself to eat forever?
I never forbid myself anything. On the contrary, I always munch on different burgers, sandwiches...

Your latest tendency in the area of dietology?
Does not exist. Probably because, when Iím working, I eat little. And lately, luckily, I work a lot.

Favourite type of fitness style?
Right now-those very battle arts, that I am studying for the role. It is really very interesting and helps to stay in form, although I am not sure, if it can be considered as a type of fitness regime.

Favourite procedure for body maintenance?
Massage. It wonderfully relieves fatigue.

Which item must essentially be present in your wardrobe?
Jeans and tops. Jeans-because, of course, you can always look formal in them, if correctly worn, goes without saying. For example, to wear them with a top and go shopping. Or to wear them with a shirt or a jacket from Armani, then one can go to an important meeting. But tops I buy absolutely everywhere and all the time, and then entertain myself-cut and paste them so, that they look funny and stylish.

Is there an item, that you know for sure, you will never buy and never wear?
Iím a model, so I can wear everything. And my experience with regard to different items has convinced me, that for every mood there are specific pieces, that suit the given humour incredibly well.

Is there an item, about which you may think: ďThatís very beautiful, but unfortunately, too expensive!Ē?
Oh, probably not. Items from Prada and Armani cost a lot, but I can not walk past them calmly. In addition they are incredible-they scream out: ďIím a Prada!Ē or ďIím an Armani!Ē But you understand that this is exactly what you need.

Which newly bought items please you the most?
A cream silk blouse from Armani-with long sleeves, simple, one could say, classic. Catherine Hepburn, I think, would have liked it...

What do you do to make an impression on a man?
Look him right in the eyes. And wear the right perfume. Emporio Night, for example.

What do you do when you feel really exhausted?
Go to sleep. Immediately. And for a long time.

Which compliments please you more than others?
When Iím told: ďThank you, Milla, youíve worked terrifically!Ē Itís especially pleasing, when this is said by a director, who is known for the fact that heís rarely satisfied with actorsí performances.

Which harmful habits do you especially treasure?
Shopping...and smoking.

Which perfume elevates your mood?
On one side, I like classic fragrances. On the other-I like trying something new. From this new, that Iíve tried recently, Emporio Night is something really outstanding. Yes, of course, Iím the ďfaceĒ of this fragrance and itís obvious that I must express a good opinion about it. But if I didnít like it, believe me, I would not have done this. So there is no game here of any kind-only pure awe-itís wonderful, that has appeared such a mad fragrance, as Emporio Night, itís wonderful, that Mr Armani proposed that I become its ďfaceĒ and...Basically, as Iíve already said, this fragrance can really help out in life.