AOL Chat May 20, 1997

This is an online real-time interview with Milla on America-Online from May 20, 1997.

Milla - AOL 05.20.97

OnlineHost: Your emcees for tonight are Katie (1) and Jane (5).

OnlineHost: Milla Jovovich was born in Kiev, Ukraine, the daughter of Russian stage actress Gallina Loginova and Yugoslavian pediatrician Bogie Jovovich. When Jovovich was five years old, her family emigrated to Sacramento, CA. Already a startling beauty at age 11, Jovovich began pursuing an acting career. When her photograph reached the offices of the Prima Modeling Agency, a somewhat different career path began. Please welcome Milla to AOL Live!

AOLiveMC1: Welcome to AOL Live, Milla! We're so glad to have ya!

JovovichM: Hey everyone! What's up?

AOLiveMC1: Were going to jump right into questions because we have tons!

AOLiveMC1: Our first question comes from Jim007bon:

Question: I thought you were perfectly cast in "The Fifth Element." How did Bresson come to cast you in the role?

JovovichM: It was a pretty difficult process. I met him in NY but got a little too prepared. I looked something like from La Femme Nikita than the little animal in "The Fifth Element." So coincidentally, a few months later, it was the most amazing accident that could ever happen. I met Luc at the pool in the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. I kind of stayed up too late the night before and had no makeup on and had baggy jeans and T-shirt having breakfast. He was just at the pool with friends and I met him again and he kind of saw something there that was more wild and not so glamorous, and put me on video again. Then a few weeks later, I went to England for the screen test.

AOLiveMC1: EngTrifle has this question...

Question: HELLO MILLA!!!! How are you? Which one is your true passion? singing? modeling or acting?

JovovichM: Well, that's a hard question. Acting and music is two completely different but totally compatible art forms that compliment each other. Modeling really pays the rent and I'm really lucky to do it because it gives me the power to not have to make a movie for cash. To have to not make music unless I really feel it. With acting, I get to be in different people's shoes. Get to see through different eyes. Which is amazing because I get to do things that Milla, in her ordinary life, would never even think about doing or think about reacting to things in the same ways. Just being in different shoes. Music is where I get to be as brutally honest with myself. I don't need a director or good script because it's my life that I'm drawing from and deal with. Somehow getting more at peace with myself and leaving an honest mark of a person behind. Something that people can relate to. Something real. Sorry...I'm rattling on.

AOLiveMC1: Not at all, Milla. From Baca350lb:

Question: How do you feel about all this publicity you have been getting because you were in "The 5th Element?"

JovovichM: Well, it's great. The more publicity I get, hopefully more people will go see the movie because it was made with a lot of hard work, love and dedication by the folks involved. It's a special film.

AOLiveMC1: Four1Fool has an interesting question...

Question: Who are your heroes?

JovovichM: My heroes? Leeloo is my hero. She's the character I play in "The 5th Element." I think another hero would have to be Stephen Hawkings, Voltaire and almost everybody is my hero. There's parts of every person that I think is so amazing and so gorgeous. I mean, I find heroes in so many different parts of people's personalities. God, that sounds really deep, doesn't it?

AOLiveMC1: Hrodelber asks.....

Question: What is the name of your current project? Will it be similar to your previous album?

JovovichM: Well, it will be similar in the sense that it's me and I'm still writing it and I'm singing it so I guess it's going to be different because I've grown up since then and changed a lot. My views have been altered since I was 16, 17. A lot has changed in the way I look at things and the things that have happened and realized. It's going to be kind of like really really simple guitar, vocals, really crazy sort of Sonic Youth acoustic guitar sounds, Pink Floyd and Frank Sinatra mixed up.

AOLiveMC1: EvrythnGe wonders:

Question: Hola, ever consider keeping that awesome orange-red hair?

JovovichM: Oh yeah! I would have loved to but I do have to pay the rent and unfortunately, that is the not the way to secure a good business relationship with people. Anyway, the movie company would never let me keep it. It was also the sort of thing that if I walked down the street, elderly people would cross to the other side so it wasn't the most practical thing in the world.

AOLiveMC1: Jim007bon asks another good question....

Question: Did Bresson allow you to have a lot of input on your character and if so what were some of the touches you brought to the role?

JovovichM: Well, Luc had been working from the script since he was a teenager so to me, every character in the movie represented a different side of him. He could play any of those characters 100% better than we could -- represent them beautifully as they need to be done. I hope that I was right. He's a very perceptive person and if I managed to please him with my representation of his character, that's the most important thing to me. I don't know if I was right. What do you think? Who do you think of could you imagine playing the part? A lot of work went into creating Leeloo into something palpable. Not some dream of speeding up evolution or dream of man using 100% of their brain, but making her into a living little creature was something that, of course I did. Me and Luc worked and created her together, I think.

AOLiveMC5: this is from EvrythnGe

Question: I'm planning on going to one of your concerts soon...when will you be touring near LA?

JovovichM: I got to finish the album first. I'd love doing shows. Especially, the new material will really be fun. People will get the best feeling for my new music when it's done live because when it's going to have the most impact. I've been doing it all live and my friend Chris Brenner, who has been touring with me last time, and with other homeys... some kids I know. We've been doing everything on 4-track and 8-track and not working with any set producer. I hope to be doing shows next year.

AOLiveMC1: Jake1059 asks:

Question: Don't you feel that some stories transcend any particular audience?

JovovichM: I think movies made with heart and dedication and love are the films that are going to transcend any audience because they're the ones that are real. They're not the studio shebang, it's out and on to the next. When you've got especially a director like Luc Besson who writes, shoots and edits and does everything, he's a painter. He's a master and that's love. That's personal love and that's the stamp of a real human being That's the most important thing in art -- honesty and leaving something totally real behind. This movie is a beautiful dream.

AOLiveMC1: MasterKB asks....

Question: Do you have a E-mail address?

JovovichM: I do, but my computer is broken. Damn thing! These computers are fun and all but it's brand new and broke. I have to get it fixed and start all over again. But once I do, somehow the people will be able to find me.

AOLiveMC1: From Erro1:

Question: What language did you learn for the movie? I heard it was Italian

JovovichM: Well, have you seen the film? The language is not anything that is spoken today. It's not a language that belongs to any nationality except maybe Luc's personal brain. The world in his head. I came to London and he gave me a dictionary that he made up. We sat and worked on it and worked on the speeches.

AOLiveMC1: Wow, that's amazing. From Saiyan2:

Question: What type of things do you enjoy in your private life, such as hobbies?

JovovichM: Hobbies -- chillin' with my friends is probably my biggest hobby right now. I play guitar and stuff. I read. I'm interested in so many things that I don't know what's a hobby anymore and what isn't.

AOLiveMC1: From Jim007bon:

Question: Who are some of the artists who inspired you to take up songwriting?

JovovichM: I think the first artist that really inspired me to write songs is Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, Cocteau Twins. When I was younger, I was really into a lot of that kind of music.

AOLiveMC1: Filly101 asks....

Question: Milla, How old were you when you started modeling? How did you get started in it?

JovovichM: Well, I was 11 when I started modeling. It kind of coincidentally happened, again, the funniest coincidences. That's really what it's all about in the industry I'm in. I needed new head shots and I needed new updated pictures. I did a movie and I needed new acting head shots and they sort of put more makeup on me at the end of the shoot. The photographers roommate worked at an agency and the novelty of an 11-year-old girl looking mature was very interesting and sometimes unsettling. I had a lot of Christian groups -- weird ones, not good ones -- rising up and wagging their fingers and throwing their stones. It's a weird thing. Thank God I had my mom there all the time.

AOLiveMC1: From Libra136:

Question: What actor/actress that you have not worked with that you would like to in the future?

JovovichM: I'm embarrassed to say... I mean, the kind of actors I want to work with are so amazing that I'd even be scared to work with them.

AOLiveMC1: Did you find Bruce Willis intimidating, Milla?

JovovichM: Not at all. Bruce was really really amazing. Very polite and professional and he really looked out for me and made sure that I was comfortable. He was really great.

AOLiveMC1: Yes, you can see how comfortable you two are together on the screen, too. Covino97 asks....

Question: Milla, Where can I write to get your autograph?

JovovichM: Just keep going to your movie theater. Maybe one day, I'll show up there.

AOLiveMC1: Element00 asks...

Question: Will you be donning any other movies anytime soon.

JovovichM: Yes, there's actually a few projects that are up right now, but the papers aren't signed so I don't want to jinx myself if I say anything. But I'll know in the next few days what' going on with the rest of my summer.

AOLiveMC1: Next, a curious question from Libra136...

Question: What's your favorite TV show?

JovovichM: The Simpsons.

AOLiveMC1: MPlu2503 wonders...

Question: hi I saw your movie twice and I really liked it I was wondering if at the end where you save the world was it was hard to work with Chris Tucker because he seems so funny?

JovovichM: Oh, Chris is so amazing. He's such a brilliant actor and I think he really was such a important, vital part of the movie. It would really get way too gushy and fairy tale like without him breaking the moods with his crazy voice. He was so, so wonderful and he's such a cool guy. So cute, too.

AOLiveMC1: Yancy B has a good question....

Question: Milla, which of your careers (music, modeling, acting) do you now plan to focus on... or are you going to juggle all three?

JovovichM: Well, like I said, modeling pays my rent so that's really something that is coming easily now. I'm still 21 and in a few years, I'm not going to be able to be one of the new girls. I'll be an old girl competing with 14-17 year olds. I'm taking advantage of it now. Make as much money as I can. It's my little lottery ticket. Music and acting is like two halves of the same pictures. It's constantly writing, working on getting on another movie and writing. Just trying to create and as long as I stay creative and work on myself and express myself, I'll make music. But if I can get another film together, I'll do that. If I can't, I'll work on my album.

AOLiveMC1: MRAirhart asks...

Question: For what French magazine did Herb Ritts photograph you?

JovovichM: Italian -- it's called Lei Magazine.

AOLiveMC1: From RObrien24:

Question: Did you do any of the stunts in your recent movie?

JovovichM: Yeah, I did a lot of the stunts. I didn't do the backflips, for God's sakes, but I did a lot of the stunts.

AOLiveMC1: Four1Fool asks...

Question: Do you have any appearances coming up on any shows or talk shows in the near future?

JovovichM: Well, if you didn't catch me on Jay Leno show, you can catch me on Conan O'Brien on Friday night.

AOLiveMC1: JimStark asks...

Question: What is your favorite scene in "The Fifth Element?"

JovovichM: Well, I've got a lot of favorite scenes. I love the whole opening of the film. I think it's amazing. I loved Leeloo's scenes in the beginning because they show her in her rawest forms. I loved Gary's scenes and the special effects. They're beautiful, especially to see them on a big screen. They're so magical and beautiful. It's just a sweet, gorgeous movie.

AOLiveMC1: Ohjai is curious to know...

Question: What was the last good book you read?

JovovichM: I just finished "Jane Eyre" for the 30th time. I really love that book. I think there's so much you get from it. It's so classic and the style of language is beautiful. The principal idea behind it is beautiful and really inspiring. I like Stephen King, too. I loved "Cujo," which I think is brilliant.

AOLiveMC1: From Wdj1482:

Question: I hope you enjoy talking to your fans on AOL, will you try to do this again? thank you!

JovovichM: Yeah! I mean, it's really fun. I just wish I could have closer contact with you all. See some reactions to my answers, whether they're exactly what you all want to know because I like to have contact with people more than through a computer because it's not really enough to get someone's personality. To give and to receive, and all that other cheesy stuff.

AOLiveMC1: From Parth89:

Question: First of all you are one of the greatest actors and models today and that you are very believable as the ultimate being. My question is out of 6,000 women, why do you think you made the cut?

JovovichM: Because I think I really got her as a person. I don't know. Luck. But I really could understand her to such a small degree, but I've wanted to be her and to use 100% of my brain and to speed up the process of evolution. When everyone is going to be like Leeloo, people would send faxes with their brain. We won't need modern technology. Keeps us from stepping forward more and limits us from instant satisfaction. I loved her so much and Luc could see that. He could see that I really really wanted this part. I really was ready to dedicate myself to the part. I don't know. I love her so much. I'm so thankful that I got the chance to experience being her just a little bit.

AOLiveMC1: YavinJedi has an interesting question....

Question: Hello, just wanted to know how you felt interacting with objects that would later be added by computer graphics?

JovovichM: It was difficult sometimes because I have to react off a green screen which is annoying because you really have to work, I guess. It's a good experience, especially when you're doing it with such a great director. Once you can react off a green screen, you could do just about anything.

AOLiveMC1: Victory76 asks....

Question: Milla, how was it like to work with Gary Oldman?

JovovichM: Unfortunately, I only got to do one scene with Gary in the movie. But just to be around him, to see him working, to kind of just be in his presence as an actress is really inspiring and so educational. I felt like I was in school the whole time I was filming. I was learning, paying attention. A little parasite, learning and taking it all in from the amazing people I was working with.

AOLiveMC1: An easy question comes from EvrythnGe....

Question: OK, whats your favorite food, drink and...candy bar?

JovovichM: Honestly, my mom makes really great chicken. I love Burger King. I'm really not into candy bars. I guess Reeses Pieces would be the closest. I'm having an aversion to sweet things right now. I'm into the greasy, salty potato chip stage in my life.

AOLiveMC1: I'm afraid we only have time for one more question for Milla this evening. From Saiyan2:

Question: Do you think that as a result of "The Fifth Element" your career will boom, and if so what are your expectations for up-coming years?

JovovichM: I just hope that through this movie, it will give really great directors a chance to see me in a character that is so different from myself. I'm really happy that it's reaching so many people and more than that, I'm so happy people love it and enjoy it and are getting such a kick out of it. That's what we made it for. In the end, it was for people to have fun. I'm just so amazed at how well it's doing and how my generation and stuff are loving it. It's really cool. I think it will give me the opportunity for me to have a better chance at having some of the better roles for women that might get instantly offered to another actress because she's a star or whatever.

AOLiveMC1: Thanks for being here tonight, Milla Jovovich. We've enjoyed talking with you and wish you the best of luck in the future.

AOLiveMC5: Thanks for coming everyone!

JovovichM: I'm sorry that I can't answer more of your questions and I'm really happy to say hi and stuff to everybody out there in the cyberfunk world. Sorry my computer's broken, but it will be up and going in the next few years once I get my **** together.

AOLiveMC1: Goodnight, Milla! Goodnight, folks! And thanks for all the great questions!

More about this Event:

05/20 "The Fifth Element's" Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich was born on December 17, 1975 in Kiev, Ukraine, the daughter of Russian stage actress Gallina Loginova and Yugoslavian pediatrician Bogie Jovovich.

When Jovovich was five years old, her family emigrated to Sacramento, CA. Already a startling beauty at age 11, Jovovich began pursuing an acting career; when her photograph reached the offices of the Prima Modeling Agency, a somewhat different career path began.

Her first cover, for the Italian fashion magazine Lei, and a six-page fashion spread shot by Herb Ritts for a French fashion magazine, catapulted the young, barely-trained model to the top ranks. During her first year, she'd done 15 fashion covers and countless other shoots, still managing the time for her studies -- including the training necessary for runway work -- and, like any LA teen, to "hang out at the mall."

Having gained international fame, Jovovich decided to focus upon her original goal. She made her screen debut in 1988's TWO MOON JUNCTION as the younger sister of Sherilyn Fenn, and also starred in a Disney Channel fantasy feature, NIGHT TRAIN TO KATHMANDU, as the daughter of two archeologists who befriends a magical prince.

Her first toplined feature was 1991's RETURN TO THE BLUE LAGOON, and at 14 she was featured in Richard Attenborough's CHAPLIN as Mildred Harris, the first wife of the pioneering film comedian and director. A brief role in Richard Linklater's high school comedy DAZED AND CONFUSED and KUFFS with Christian Slater followed. Though her screen time was brief, the role was her singing debut, as the character gave an a cappella rendition of a few lines from Jovovich's own composition, "The Alien Song."

A student of voice and piano since a very early age, Jovovich bought her first electric guitar at the age of 13 and was eagerly receptive when approached by an agent from SBK Records. At the age of 15, Jovovich set to work writing songs for her first album but was surprised to learn that the label wanted to package her as a pop diva, working with other writers and arrangers. With the help of her friend Chris Brenner, the teen engaged in a battle with the label that eventually resulted in the release of "Milla: The Divine Comedy" on EMI Records in 1994 -- her own songs, recorded her own way, and hailed by such music industry giants as Rolling Stone magazine.

Putting aside her acting and modeling careers, Jovovich pursued a strenuous tour schedule through the remainder of 1994 and the start of 1995. She was preparing to enter the studio to begin work on her second album when the opportunity to star in THE FIFTH ELEMENT arose.

On the completion of principal photography, Jovovich returned to modeling for a handful of plum assignments and has started work on her second album, for release in late 1997.